Blood Donation


In the UK, 15,000 people have sickle cell disorder and over 300 babies are born each year with the condition. 

Advances in the treatment of sickle cell also means that patients are living longer and the demand for transfusions is higher than ever before. 

Yet, to get the best treatment, patients need blood which is closely matched. This is most likely to come from a donor of the same ethnicity. However, currently only 1% of blood donors in England are from Black and Minority Asian backgrounds.

If you would like to become a blood donor then visit your nearest NHS blood centre or register your details using the button below.

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Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

Donors are needed from all communities and ethnic backgrounds to meet the needs of all patients in England now and in the years to come. Black, Asian and minority ethnic donors are specifically needed right now because:

  • some patients who receive frequent blood transfusions need blood to be closely matched to their own
  • a number of blood conditions, like sickle cell disease which is treated through blood transfusions, most commonly affect black, Asian and minority ethnic people
  • the best match typically comes from blood donors from the same ethnic background

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